Being from the West Coast, we know it’s important to maintain an active lifestyle while you’re travelling.

Positioned at nature’s doorsteps and partnered with local experts, we offer you an opportunity to explore an array of hidden routes and trails that will elevate your fitness and broaden your Vancouver exploration.

Each WanderFIT experience is privately guided, customized to your fitness levels, and includes all necessary equipment and transportation for your ride or hike.


Levels: Easy, Moderate, Challenging
Rates: starting at $249 per person
Available: March – October

No need to ship your bike, allow us to get you fitted on one of our top-of-the-line Pinarello bikes and guide you outside of the city for some of Vancouver’s most rewarding routes and views.

Ideal for those who have road cycling experience and are looking for a high cardio workout.

Includes: Pinarello Bike rental, helmet, private guide, and a customized route for your fitness level.



Levels: Moderate, Challenging
Rates: starting at $137 per person
Available: All year long

Taking you outside the traditional tourist attractions, our local guides will have you working hard for the views with routes designed to challenge your cardio and stamina.

Includes: transportation to and from the trail, private guide, and a customized route for your fitness level

Trekking After Dark

Level: Challenging
Rates: starting at $175 per person
Available: September – April

Awaken your senses and explore the natural Vancouver nightlife. Your guide will take you on a quiet mountain trail to experience limited visibility, a slower pace, and evening’s soothing solitude. Awaiting at the end of the trail will be an expansive view of Vancouver’s city skyline.

Includes: headlamp, transportation to and from the trail, and a private guide

Learn About the Local Experts
Guiding the way is Thomas Eleizegui, owner and operator of Musette Caffé, and his team of experienced local cyclists and trail runners. Each guide has spent hundreds of hours exploring the vast landscape that Vancouver is known for. The team promises to give you an experience that only locals have been privy to while keeping fitness top of mind.