rewarding the sustainable lifestyle

We applaud our guests that have chosen the route towards sustainable transportation. Each step of the way, be it big or small, is a progressive step forward. Located in beautiful British Columbia, urban sustainability is in our roots. BC’s electricity proudly comes from 98% clean renewable resources and Vancouver continues to aspire towards being the ‘Greenest City’ by 2020. We have expanded our EV charging infrastructure at the Loden Hotel to support our guest’s and our city’s commitment towards a sustainable lifestyle. The Loden now offers:

  • Complimentary charging at the Loden (EV adaptors may be required from owner, hotel provides J1772 and Tesla connectors)
  • 8 parking stalls equipped for BEV and PHEV vehicles, “powering up” reservations not required for Loden guests
  • Complimentary WiFi service in our gated climate controlled parkade (allowing vehicle monitoring through a preferred EV mobile app). 

Your parking benefits as an EV driver will automatically be applied to your stay regardless of which room rate or package you are booked under. 

Charging Specs:

Charger: Level 2 (208V, up to 16 kW, up to 80 amps) Types: NEMA 14-50 outlet, Tesla wall connectors, J1772 ChargePoint Compatible: BEV and PHEV Speed: Vehicle specifications and connector type determine charging times Cost: $45 valet overnight parking fee will be reduced by 50% for PHEV and BEV drivers). Network: ChargePoint and Tesla destination charging location

BEV = Battery Electric Vehicle, runs entirely on electricity stored in batteries that powers electric motor(s) and plugs in to power-up PHEV = Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle joins a conventional engine with an electric motor that also plugs into the power grid to charge the battery HYBRID = An HEV has two complementary drive systems, a conventional engine with an electric motor and is re-energized through its own internal combustion engine EV = All electric vehicles (all of the above)

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