Loden Hotel Site Security

Loden wants you to feel confident in planning and purchasing your accommodations online. We’re committed to protecting your information and want you to know that all personal information you provide at theloden.com is both encrypted and secure.

Protecting Your Information

Our websites are hosted in a secure environment. The website servers and systems are configured with data encryption technologies and industry-standard firewalls. When you enter personal information during the reservation process, or submit your email address for one of our newsletters, your personal information is protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology ensuring safe transmission of data.

Secure Reservations

If you decide to make an online reservation on our website, you will be linked to a secure reservation interface provided by third party booking engine called Synxis. While it appears to be part of our site, the booking engine is in fact provided by Synxis and is governed by their privacy practices. We understand that security remains the primary concern of online consumers and we have chosen the booking engine vendor carefully. Synxis participates in the VeriSign Secure Site Program, a top security certification program. This means:

  • Synxis has VeriSign Secure Server ID.
  • Each Web site pages where you submit personal information is encrypted, secure and conducted within an SSL session.

Hence any information you submit online is protected from unauthorized access that is stored in our systems.